Virtual BSO®

Our Virtual BSO® is a fully-integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that shepherds passengers through an intuitive and simple flow to capture all if the information you need to work a baggage mishandling in less than two minutes. Our vBSO® software platform fully integrates with your reservation and scanning solutions to guarantee a fast and convenient customer experience, prevent fraud and abuse, and guarantee quality data in your tracing solution whether you use NetTracer or another competitive product.


vBSO® Benefits

Contactless Customer Experience: Our software platform fully integrates with your reservation gather passenger data, authenticate them, and to guide the passenger down a streamlined set of context-sensitive workflows. These workflows guarantee that the passenger can start and finish the process in less than two minutes and know exactly what the next steps are.

Eliminate Lines: Passengers no longer need to wait in line to report a mishandling. They can do so directly from their own personal devices.

Significantly Reduce Costs: Our SaaS platform is enabling millions of dollars of savings per year for the carriers that have implemented our solution by reducing required baggage service office personnel costs by more than 50% globally and eliminating the expensive baggage service office rental costs at airports.

Prevent Abuse: Our unique and robust set of business rules guarantee that all passengers reporting baggage mishandlings are valid passengers with checked baggage, meet local and international filing regulations, while also preventing abuse.

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