Lost Item Returns

NetTracer Lost & Found functionality provides your employees and customers with a comprehensive, efficient and effective process to manage lost & found items. Complete with web-based customer self-service lost item reporting and automated communications, Lost & Found helps your organization limit the amount of resources dedicated to managing lost property, allowing you to focus on core business functions while creating a satisfying customer experience.




Minimal Training: NetTracer Users find Lost & Found familiar and intuitive. Simply enter Found Item reports, and Lost & Found will match and facilitate the item return including processing payment and producing shipping documentation.

Branded Customer Interaction: The logo-branded Customer Portal and customer communication facilitates a look and feel of a personalized site.

Customer Service: The efficient process, branding, and high return rate leads to a significant increase in customer satisfaction, transforming a negative customer experience into surprise and delight.

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Passenger Feedback

  • “Oh, I am so happy, I cried. I lost an heirloom belonging to my grandmother, not valuable to anyone but me, but now that I have it again I can relax. Thank you so much.”
  • “Hi, Thank you so much for finding my daughter's phone and getting it back to us. You did this in spite of my lack of information about the phone...just didn't know it was a "slide phone" and that she had taken the name tag off if it. Again...I am so impressed with your service and getting the phone back to us so quickly.”
  • “Thank you for finding and returning my item. I appreciate it! Love me some Southwest Airlines!”