Claims Processing

Process Baggage Claims:

  • Easy to follow workflows combined with NetTracer’s advanced tracing capabilities allow for efficient processing of delay, damaged, and loss claims.  

Detect Fraudulent Claims:

  • NetTracer alerts claims representatives to fraudulent claim indicators, delivering real-time results, providing secure communication between participating airlines, equipping them with the knowledge to make informed decisions about potential fraudulent baggage claims.  
  • Encryption and Privacy Protection: Sensitive information, such as driver’s license, passport and id numbers, are stored in one-way encrypted formats that are never viewable by users.

Configurable features:

  • Privacy and Security Policies: Allows your airline to configure the matched claims data displayed to other airlines
  • Request and Approval Workflow: The integrated request and approval process allows airlines to quickly and easily request data from each other

Customer Portal Communication Tool

  • Agents and passengers can communicate throughout the claims process, driving efficiency and improving customer service. These efficiencies lead to reduced time to process and quicker payment for affected passengers.

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