Baggage Tracing & Resolution Management

NetTracer Baggage Tracing & Resolution utilizes a single application platform that combines service recovery best practices with advanced technology and clear proactive communication to manage customer expectations and help airlines transform passenger disappointment and frustration into surprise and delight.


Configurable: meets your airlines unique process and system needs

Full Integration Suite: from reservation systems through to baggage delivery systems

Responsive Support: 24/7 personal service and support

Passenger expectations continue to increase for airlines and their travel experience. This is especially true when a passenger’s experience has been influenced by a baggage mishandling. In the constantly changing landscape of social media outlets where a negative customer experience can ‘go viral’ and become an Internet sensation within hours, it is key for airlines to be proactive and not reactive when managing service recovery incidents. Each baggage mishandling creates a risk to the airlines reputation, but also an opportunity to demonstrate excellent customer service.


The hard costs of these service recoveries alone are reason for effective solutions, yet the cost in customer service reputation could be much more if not handled properly. The determining factor between a customer service win or loss is how the airline manages the baggage service recovery.  NetTracer can help.  Request a Demo today.