Baggage Tracing and Resolution

Seamlessly combine tracing and resolution management to quickly locate delayed or lost bags, capture data for damaged or missing item reports, and communicate with customers to transform a mishandled baggage scenario into a customer service win.

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Virtual BSO (vBSO)

Our Virtual BSO is a fully-integration digital solution that shepherds passengers through an intuitive and simple flow to capture all if the information you need to work a baggage mishandling in less than two minutes. Our solution fully integrates with your reservation and scanning solutions to guarantee a fast and convenient customer experience, prevent fraud and abuse, and guarantee quality data in your tracing solution whether you use NetTracer or another competitive product.

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Lost & Found Returns

Provides users and customers with a comprehensive, efficient and effective process to manage lost items returns. Complete with web-based customer self-service reporting and automated communications, helps your organization limit the amount of resources dedicated to managing lost property, allowing you to focus on core business functions while creating a satisfying customer experience.

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Claims Processing Solutions

Processes baggage claims through logical workflows, while detecting potential fraudulent baggage claim indicators in real-time. Secure communication within NetTracer between participating airlines, combined with real-time results, equips claims representatives with the knowledge to make informed decisions about pending baggage claims.

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Passenger Feedback

  • “I love you! Recovering my lost company laptop has made my year! Maybe my boss won't fire me after all! I can't wait to get it back. I am putting my name and phone number on it as soon as I get it back, as this would have made things a lot easier (although I do not anticipate ever forgetting it again!). Thanks again for all of your help. This is just another reason why I love flying Delta! ”
  • “Thank you so much for tracking me down and sending it to me. I never in a million years thought I would see this again.”
  • “Wow, I am stunned and pleasantly surprised that you were able to locate my Bose. Thank you for your efforts!”