Lost & Found Central

Lost & Found Central is a turnkey managed service developed by NetTracer to meet the unique needs of the airline industry’s lost & found unchecked item returns process. Lost & Found Central leverages NetTracer’s vast experience in tracing, matching, and returning airline baggage and lost & found items, while also providing a centralized returns processing center for airlines, rental car companies, and even trains to leverage for the quick return of lost items back to their impacted passengers.

Self-Service Technology for Lost & Found Management

Provides a self-service technology strategy for unchecked lost articles, integrating with customer’s websites, allowing for proactive automated initial and follow up communication to passengers regarding their lost item status.

Operational Scalability and Space Optimization

Provide customers with access to a scalable business process that can expand quickly to address seasonal volume demand, while eliminating the need for local storage, processing space, and manpower at an airport or train station.

Improved Customer Experience

Utilizes NetTracer’s advanced tracing technology to match lost items with lost item reports, achieving very high return rates to passengers. More importantly, internal customer experience objectives required of the lost & found process can be exceeded.

Passenger Feedback

  • “Amazing! Thank you! I am beyond thrilled and will sleep soundly tonight!! ”
  • “Thank you so much. We received our Kindle Fire on yesterday. We cannot believe how diligent you were in finding our lost idem left on your airplane. Our daughter had gotten her 16th birthday present early (four days before our trip). She is so happy to have her Kindle Fire back in her hands. We are grateful for the excellent service your provide, and we look forward to flying with you again very soon.”
  • “Thank you so, so much! I am so thrilled and will share my experience as well as tell of your organized and expeditious return of my camera to me! ”