BagCentral is a turnkey managed service developed by NetTracer to help airline customers best manage the return of mishandled baggage to their passengers. BagCentral leverages NetTracer’s vast experience in tracing, matching, and returning airline baggage, while also providing a centralized returns processing center for the quick return of baggage to impacted passengers.  In addition, if a passenger’s bag is never recovered, BagCentral facilitates the claims process for the airline to expedite payment to the impacted passenger.

Operational Scalability and Space Optimization

Provides airlines with access to a scalable business process that can expand quickly to address seasonal volume demand, while eliminating the need for a dedicated central baggage warehouse and claims processing center for every airline.  

Improved Customer Experience

Utilizes NetTracer’s advanced tracing technology to match mishandled bags with lost item reports, achieving very high baggage return rates leading to imporved customer experience for airline passengers.

Cost Savings

Decreases the total amount in claims paid out to passengers, through higher returns and fewer claims processed.

Passenger Feedback

  • “Oh, I am so happy, I cried. I lost an heirloom belonging to my grandmother, not valuable to anyone but me, but I cannot relax until I have it again. Thank you so much.”
  • “That is wonderful news! There are so many reasons why I always fly Delta!”
  • “Thank you for your prompt response. I am extremely pleased that you have found my item. Your lost and found service is quite amazing, and I have been pleased with the responsive feedback from your team. I will consider this one of the best customer service experiences I have yet to encounter. Many, many thanks to your entire organization. ”