Virtual BagAgent™

Our Virtual BagAgent™ is a fully-integrated Software as a Service (SaaS) solution that automates all of the communication to passengers to keep them fully informed of the status of their delayed baggage file through different communication channels and gathers important information that streamlines the recovery process.  Our vBagAgent™ solution can leverage the NetTracer platform or work with in-house or third-party Baggage Tracing solutions.


vBagAgent™ Benefits

Eliminate Inbound Baggage Phone Calls - our solution gives customers confidence that you are actively working to resolve their mishandling and eliminates the majority of calls from passengers asking for updates about their mishandled baggage issue by keeping them fully-informed as to where their bag is at each step in the process and what to expect next - whether found or not.

Eliminate Outbound Phone Calls  - many airlines attempt provide regular updates to passengers through various channels, but rarely as these updates timely.  Through our automated solutions we ensure that passengers are always informed and already taking the next action without you having to staff costly contact center and support staff, and allowing you to redeploy those reasources elsewhere.

Significantly Reduce Costs: Our platform can enable millions of dollars of savings per year for the carriers that have implemented our solution by reducing required baggage service office personnel costs by more than 50% globally and eliminating the expensive baggage service office rental costs at airports.

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