NetTracer is a key member of The Owens Group International, an enterprise with nearly 45 years of experience serving the airline industry.  The NetTracer story began in Dallas, Texas in 1989 when entrepreneur Bryan Owens developed the baggage tracing and resolution system, BagNet.  At the time, BagNet’s revolutionary on-screen pull-down menus helped simplify the process of baggage tracing and management, eliminating the need to search through instruction manuals for archaic codes and functions. BagNet grew in functionality and was sold to Southwest Airlines in 1995 for use as an internal baggage tracing and management system.

Mr. Owens continued to believe there was an industry wide need for a contemporary baggage tracing solution, and in 2006 after relocating to Atlanta, Georgia, he founded NetTracer. With his vision of developing the Next Generation baggage tracing and resolution solution leveraging core strengths of Innovation, Flexibility and Responsiveness, Mr. Owens utilized his organization’s in-depth understanding of airline baggage processes and expertise in tracing and system integrations to develop the namesake NetTracer system to be the best-in-class baggage tracing and resolution solution in the airline industry. In 2011, the NetTracer team developed NetTracerFS in collaboration with the domestic U.S. airline industry to serve as the Next Generation claims processing and baggage fraud detection system.  NetTracerFS quickly gained broad North American market adoption in 2012 and is now the industry standard baggage fraud detection solution.

Also in 2011, NetTracer expanded upon its lost & found capabilities to develop NetTracer Lost & Found, a stand-alone solution for items lost on airlines, rental cars, trains, in airports and other locations.  NetTracer then successfully leveraged the NetTracer Lost & Found platform into an end-to-end lost & found management solution for Lost and Found Central, LLC, a managed service for the air transport industry. NetTracer Lost & Found allows for passengers to file lost item reports on an airline’s website, matches the lost item to found items on board, and Lost and Found Central manages the return process of those items.  

In 2013, NetTracer became an IATA Strategic Partner, signifying the growing global opportunities for the organization.  Then in 2014, Bag Central, powered by NetTracer, launched as a baggage managed service for the airline industry, performing tasks such as baggage resolution and claims processing.